Sell My House in Utah

We are a full service Real Estate company that offers Sellers multiple choices when they need to sell a house.  We purchase houses quickly for cash and list houses on the MLS for sellers.  The operate as Gary Buys Houses for clients that want a quick sale, and we list properties under the brokerage Aubrey and Associates Realty.  This gives us the ability to offer many choices when selling a house.

How To Start the Process of Selling My House?

The first thing to do is contact us to start the discussion of finding out what your needs are. We will discuss things like what condition is the house in, how quick do you need to sell the house, are you in foreclosure, are you OK with a lot of people going through the house or do you not want that, is anybody living in the house or is the house vacant and many more things. There are many things for us to consider. From there, we can usually give you an estimated amount we can buy your house for or an estimated amount you will net if we list your house for you. However, ideally we would like to meet you at the property and take a look at it with you.

Should I List My House or Sell My House Fast?

List my house with an agent or sell my house for cash is a decision many people wrestle with. The answer depends on your most pressing needs.

List My House
If you decide to list your house with us, we will get all the paperwork signed, decide an a price to list the house at and get started.  We will take care of lawn maintenance, snow removal while the property is active on the MLS, get contractors to get any repairs done the buyer and seller agree to and anything else that needs to be taken care of.  We work with out of state sellers, sellers of vacant houses and sellers that may have people living in the house. We offer the services to be as helpful as possible. Of course, we offer these services if the seller is living in the house too.

Sell My House to an Investor
If this is the way you want to go, we will make you an offer right away and get the property sold in a few days.  You can always sell your house even if you or other people are living in the house.

Your House is Sold…Now What?

We will do what ever we need to do to make the transition for you easy.  Sometimes this is easy, and sometimes it takes a lot of work. We are with you every step of the way.

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