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Sheri Osborne works with all of our buyer clients in the Davis, Salt Lake and Northern Utah County areas. We work with other specialists in all the other areas of Utah to offer the best service possible.

First Time Home Buyer

Is this going to be the first home purchase for you and your family? How exciting! As a first time home buyer in Utah, you can take advantage of first time home owner programs such as Utah Housing, FHA Loan Programs, VA Loan Programs, and other local programs. We will work with you to find the best program for you.

Do you want to buy a house and think that credit issues will be a problem? We work directly with lenders that will analyse your situation and let you know exactly what you need to do to achieve the American Dream of home ownership including getting you working with a credit repair specialists.

Selling A House & Buying a House

This is always a unique situation because of the timing of everything. Each type of market (sellers or buyers ) will also determine the best way to handle this situation. There is a lot to go over concerning the sale of your current house, the purchase of your new house and how to only have to move once. We will review all of your options with you.

Buying an Investment Property

Maybe you are looking for a rental property to keep as an investment. This is certainly something we can help you with.

Partnering With People

We will partner with people on short term properties (2 to 4 years) or long term (longer than 4 years). Short term deals can be funded by a partner with savings or with IRA money. One way for a person to participate with us long term in rental properties is to be the person that gets a mortgage on a rental property. This will usually give the partner a 50% ownership in the rental with about 20% equity a small monthly cash flow.

There are almost endless ways to structure deals we can partner on. Please get a hold of us to find out more.

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