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gary parker 360 clientsThank you Gary for stopping our foreclosure and getting our house sold on such short notice. We really appreciated being able to stay in our house for a couple of months after the sale of our house.  That really helped us out.  And everyone was so nice every step of the way.  Thanks Again.

– John & Candy G. West Jordan, UT


The Gary Parker Team Helps Solve Your Real Estate Needs With Innovative Solutions

I Want to Sell a House

We are a full service Real Estate company that offers Sellers multiple choices when they need to sell a house.  We purchase houses and list houses on the MLS for sellers.  We operate as Gary Buys Houses for clients that want a quick house sale for cash, and we list properties under the brokerage Aubrey and Associates Realty.  This gives us the ability to offer many choices to our clients when selling a house in Utah.

List My House or Sell to a House Buying Company

Our focus here is on sellers that may have some sort of unusual house situation. This would be situations like do you need to sell your house now and move weeks or months later?  Have you inherited a house or have a house that needs to go through probate?  Has the foreclosure process started or a Notice of Default been recorded or do have a Foreclosure Sale Date, does the house need too many repairs for you to take on, are there late property taxes due, selling a rental property, do you have a vacant house or a house shut down because of Meth, do you have a hoarder house, or are you getting divorced?  Or do you have a very nice home that needs to get sold? These are examples  of the different kinds of situations many people find themselves in.

Another choice to make is how long do you want to wait to get the money from the sale of your house?  People can get their money in a few days or in a month or two.  Typically, the longer a seller will wait to get their money, the more your proceeds will be.  And yes, this applies to nice well kept houses to houses that need a lot of repairs.

And, often times us and the seller are all trying to get a sale done with people living in the house that will eventually need to move. Sometimes people need to stay for weeks or months after the sale of their house and they get their proceeds. Some people want to become a permanent tenant after their house sells.

So we have three main things to consider when selling a house:

  1. The house itself.  What is the condition of the house and can any repairs get made. Many times people do not have money for repairs.
  2. The time it takes for you to get your proceeds.  How fast do you need the proceeds from the sale of the house?
  3. Owners, siblings or tenants living in the house.  Do they need money to move?  How long do they need to stay in the house?

Did you know you can still list a house even if it needs a lot of repairs or you need to stay after the sale for a while? Or you may want to just be done with it. These are the choices we can help you with.  How do we put all of these elements together for a successful house sale? By listening to you and explaining to you your options and how those options will affect the sales price of your house and how long it takes to get your proceeds. The secret sauce is to meet everyone’s needs.

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Dagoberto & Lupe Z of West Valley, Utah listed their house with Gary Parker and his team. The house needed some repairs that  the sellers were not able to do. We were able to get their house sold for top dollar to a buyer that was OK with the repairs by listing the house on the local Multiple Listing Service.

After much discussion with the sellers, we all determined listing was the best solution for them. As always, our top priority is to find the best solution for the seller.

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Jim and Bonnie S. of Cottonwood Heights, Utah sold us a house in Salt Lake City that was quite overgrown with bushes, and the house needed a lot of work. They wanted a quick sale, so we purchased the house from them. Even with the issues mentioned, we could have listed the house for them.

Listing your house or selling your house to a direct buyer, we provide everything you need to make your decision.

I Want to Buy a House

buy a house

We also represent buyers that are looking for a house.  This includes managing the sale and the purchase of a house at the same time so the move is a smooth transaction.  We work with great lenders that can help you with credit repair if that is an issue for you.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned prop at selling and buying homes, we can help you find the perfect new house to live in.

We are a respected Full Service Real Estate Company that is excited to met you and work with you on all of your Real Estate needs in Utah.  Please Call, Text or Email us today.

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