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This is Gary Parker, and I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Utah. Myself and other members of our team place our licenses with Fathom Realty. As a broker, Fathom Realty ensures our transactions are handled properly, that we are following all the laws and that we receive proper training in regards to real estate in Utah.

Gary Parker and his associates run two primary businesses.  One part of the business lists properties for clients and works with buyers, and the other part of the business offers quick cash purchases to clients that want their house sold within a few days.  We work with all of our clients to give them what they need to make a decision on the best way to sell their house. We specialize in situations like foreclosure, inherited houses, vacant properties or in working with out of area sellers to provide the best outcome for everyone involved.

What is the Difference Between a Broker and a Real Estate Agent in Utah?

As mentioned, a Real Estate Broker is responsible for everything an agent does in regards to buying and selling real estate. In Utah, a Real Estate Agent must place their license with a licensed broker of their choosing. A Real Estate Broker is responsible to manage the Real Estate Agents that place their license with them, to make sure the agents are always updated on changes in the law, to hold and account for all earnest money and to ensure all of their agents representing their client’s needs. A Real Estate Broker in Utah is responsible for managing agents. Real Estate Agents in Utah manage transactions and work with house buyers and sellers.

Some or all of the people on the Gary Parker Team are licensed agents with Aubrey and Associates Realty. As real estate agents, we are bound to give a seller or buyer unbiased information and be honest in our dealings.  A real estate agent should never withhold pertinent information from any client or potential client.  For example, some sellers we work with end up listing their house with us, and some sellers want a quick no hassle sell.  At the Gary Parker Real Estate Team, we are committed to making sure you fully understand all of your options when selling or buying a home. Agents are also responsible for properly managing the paperwork for each of their transactions whether we are representing a house buyer or house seller or if we are purchasing a house from a client.

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