Home Equity Loans With Bad Credit

What Are Your Home Loan OPTIONS?

The most traditional option is to apply for a HELOC at a bank or Credit Union where you already do business. This is where you will find the best terms. However, this option requires great credit, good length of employment and so on.

Another option is a traditional hard money lender. These type of lenders typically want to loan over $100,000 at a time and want to be paid back within 6 months.

Another option is working with a group of investors that will loan amounts lower than $100,000, give you up to 2 years to repay the loan and work with you on a plan to be able to pay the loan back. This is the option I can help you with. This can be a great option if you are behind in your house payments or foreclosure has started, your credit is not good, you have flied bankruptcy or you current income has taken a dip.

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